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  • I live in e URGH (Bowser's Kingdom)
  • My occupation is URGH URGH (Thwomping)
  • I am URGH (male)
  • Niceperson


    April 26, 2014 by Niceperson

    I don't seem to be nathaina. There are no ways for me to be a sockpuppet, well, expect for badge spamming.

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  • Niceperson

    Sunflower explodes.

    April 19, 2014 by Niceperson

    (In youtube , Sunflower watchs a wtf boom video. )

    Man: what the f boooom. Mwahahahaha.

    Sunflower: you're crappy what the f booom.

    (6 browncoat zombies come.)

    browncoat zombies: mwahahahaha.

    Mature rated.



    Wtf boom man.

    browncoat zombies.

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  • Niceperson


    April 16, 2014 by Niceperson

    (Wall-Nut sees the annoying orange channel on you tube and sees a mature rated video of lemon vs. zombies.)

    lemon: I will kill you beeps.

    (lemon tree kills the zombies.)

    Mature rated.




    brown coat zombies.

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  • Niceperson

    (All the PVZ1 plants Are walking in a store when noteicing drinks of all the pvz2 plants.)

    Gloom-Shroom: who the hell says a zombie woke me up today? Lets get the crap out of here.

    The other PVZ1 plants: hell yeah.

    (The plants run out knocking a zombie chicken out.)

    (All the explosive plants blow up the store.)

    JalapeƱo: nnnnnggggg.

    Cherry Bomb Bros.: wre expoldeanating.

    (All the pvz2 plants start running after seeing ther drinks get destroyed.)

    bloomerang: crrrrrroooddd.

    The pvz2 plants: what?

    Bloomerang: that's how Bob Barley said crap.

    Mature rated.


    All PVZ1 plants and all pvz2 plants except for chinese plants and Coffee Bean.

    Coffee Bean or Coffee Bean Zombie. *

    zombie chicken.

    Other store people.

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  • Niceperson

    No coffee.

    April 13, 2014 by Niceperson

    (Peashooter does hyper and like super mario lands on Fume-Shroom.)

    Fume-Shroom: hey.

    Peashooter: did coffee bean wake you up?

    Fume-Shroom: two days ago he turned into coffee bean zombie. Godammmit.

    Peashooter: did the other crappy beans woke you up.

    Fume-Shroom: spring bean did a mario jump on me and I got a crappy wake up. chill bean farted on me and laser bean said ima firing my laser to me and I got too crappy wake ups.

    Crazy Dave: the zombies need ten more. Be carful out there. (Waby webble. Wabba.)

    Peashooter: crrrrrrraaaaappppp.

    Mature rated.




    coffee bean or coffee bean zombie. *

    spring bean. *

    chill bean. *

    mario. *

    shoop da whoop. *

    zombies. *

    Crazy Dave.

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