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Mira Laime
Sun Flowers are the best!

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• 7/6/2018

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Have fun!
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• 5/25/2014


omega likes me and I'm nathaina!
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• 5/23/2014

Wabby wabbo

I'm crazy dave.
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• 4/27/2014
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• 4/23/2014


I got some badges today.: 5 heads plant picture zombie picture and hot rod chomper. No crrrrrrrrraaaaaaappppppp.
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• 4/22/2014

On a scale of 1 to here.

Here's da crap. On a scale of 1 to nnnnnoooo, how much do you hate this?
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• 4/21/2014


In pvz wiki did you get mad Aboutn getting the fight your friends badge? Seeing that it was 1 day unti the pvz fan badge made me go crrrraaappp.
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• 4/19/2014


What's your favorite (damn I was typing on IPad.) meme? I like troll face epic face wtf boom weegee ME GUSTA cereal guy and over 9000 and pingas.
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• 4/16/2014

Great game

wikia cuntubers.

You are in RPG we talk to each other in the lawn but the PPL who r bad will spoil it and ruin dat wiki >:D HOW WILL WE STOP EM' they will be bad wikia contribters Realangrybirdsplush and mvz.
I hope to b ur fam
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• 4/16/2014

Story funz

Okay this is a story so each one replys to see wat comes next
It is a epic war in the  
ppl in the story:
- mom head pult
Sucker idiot
YOU and that one in the your . X3
A death
Wall 1
Wall robot
dr. .
Disco .
Wall is a angrybird after his death
how will the be. (good) tho mom head pult is OP
Wat will happen next?????????/
COMMENT BELOW FOR OKAY DON'T END JUST CUZ YOU'RE TO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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• 4/14/2014

The battle of pvz.

Like ppg but different.
In 12 worlds plant plants killing brain eating zombies.
Now at:
Players house day 1.
Plants.: peashooter. Cost.: 100.
Zombies.: basic zombie. 10 hits. Moves slow. flag zombie. 10 hits. Moves fast.
Only plant peashooters in one lane.
Don't do crap with sun. Click on it for damn plant planting.
Use lawn mowers only when zombies come close to your house.
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• 4/10/2014


I like the nicePumpkin ciltron Bonk Choy doom-shroom Winter Melon and goop. I hate the crappy Chomper bloomerang Marigold and gold magent who is a brony.
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